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Release 1.1.1

Guess what, it’s update time again! Time GOES(-15) by so fast - it’s been a month now since V1.1.0 was released (See what we did there?). So we figured a small maintenance update will do no harm, to get you amazing folks some more features!

New features

Better projections

Aang23 made some overtime and implemented a new projection algorithm to finally replace the old and crusty pre-1.0.0 algorithm. He made a fantastic writeup [here] that is definitely worth checking out. Don’t worry, the old Algo is still there. It…just has a better friend now. You can also select different colors for different parts of the map overlay now.

Better TLE loading

Instead of pulling every needed TLE separately, SatDump is now getting all of its TLEs from Celestrak’s Active.txt list. TLE loading was improved, making SatDump launch faster and more stable (Thanks JVital2013!).

AMSU calibration

Thanks to Zbychu’s endurance when it comes to reading the NOAA KLM Guide, we finally have AMSU calibrated. This means its now producing calibrated data that actually can be used to do science. Its available for NOAA-15/18/19 and MetOp-B/C.

RTL-TCP improvements

RTL-TCP now supports PPM correction.


Pipelines for Psyche, PVCC and ODIN were added. There is no decoder yet, since we didn’t manage to collect enough data yet.

Tons of retuning

Projections for all satellites (but MetOp, due to its weird behavior) were improved and should be more accurate. Some satellites seem to wobble a bit in attitude, so its not impossible for some projections to be slightly off again sometimes. May get fixed later when attitude can also be taken into account.

VIIRS Projections & Using onboard Ephemeris

Suomi NPP and JPSS-1/2 actually broadcast their position (from GNSS and onboard data) and speed (state vectors) every second in the downlink, and that data is meant to be used for geo-referencing as it is more convenient - and normally - accurate than using external TLEs. However, this required quite a few changes in order to allow using this information properly.

But now that this is done, accurate TLEs are no longer required for NPP/JPSS projections, and older data can re-processed without any trouble. Furthermore, the main imager VIIRS can now be projected properly, including the day/night band (except on NOAA-20, for which it is configured differently and will require extra work).

A very old pass from 2021 by Aang23

A few passes of Suomi NPP composited

List of poor bugs we killed

MacOS File problems

The “Save as” dialog on MacOS did not work properly, fixed now.

Windows cleanup

A bug caused the recorder/FFT split to be very uneven. Fixed by JVital2013.

FY3 fixes

Some small problems with FY-3 arose, like a inconsistent handling of the LDPC. Everything is retuned and stable now.

Composite fixup

Lego11 cleaned up the Composite presets available in the SatDump viewer.

Android fixes

Small stuff on Android, like a keyboard showing up in situations where a keyboard is not needed, was repaired.

UDP Source on Windows

Argh, windows struck once again. The UDP source didn’t work properly here, because Windows likes beeing special. Fixed.

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