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Lead Developer: Aang23 (F4LAU)

Additional Developers


Special Thanks to

  • microp11 (Paul Maxan), for the reverse-engineering work & Scytale-C


Libraries included in libsatdump_core

Libraries included in plugins / Code taken from and in plugins

  • Elektro/Arktika, DecompWT, custom wavelet compression/decompression library originally used for MSG xRIT
  • GK-2A, libtomcrypt, for DES decryption
  • Inmarsat, libacars, for ACARS parsing
  • Inmarsat, mbelib, for AMBE audio decompression
  • Inmarsat, libaeroambe, not the library itself, but the code was adapted (for Ambe decoding)
  • Inmarsat, Scytale-C, for STD-C packet formats and parsing

Those libraries above are included directly as they are either header-only, not already present on most systems or required some modifications for the purpose of this software. For the code included, the licenses of each respective library applies.

Projects some code was taken from and included in libsatdump_core

  • GNU Radio, for the convolutional decoding / encoding (quite heavily modified) and a few other bits
  • gr-dvbs2rx, for TS Parsing and a few other bits
  • LeanDVB, for some definitions
  • SDR++, for the DSP stream implementation (thanks Ryzerth for the tip back then!) and a few other things, such as the SpyServer client

Libraries linked against

  • fftw3, used for all FFT operations
  • jemalloc, for memory allocation optimization on Linux and macOS
  • libpng, for PNG image loading/saving
  • nng, for network stuff
  • PortAudio, used for audio output for NOAA APT
  • Volk, to simplify SIMD utilization
  • zlib, required by libpng

SDR Libraries

UI Libraries


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